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January 2017 Gardening Tips - Rose



    Have you ever wished you had a checklist of stuff to do each month in your garden? When I was a new gardener, I really could have used some checklist help! As a seasoned gardener, I have a running checklist in my head all the time. Starting this month, our monthly tips page will be in a checklist format! But even better than that, we've created a printable version for you to download!! The online Tips version will still have all the links to videos and more detailed information but the printable version will have space for your own gardening notes and a special challenge each month.

    We're always thinking of you and ways to encourage you in your gardening endeavors! We hope you enjoy our new format and welcome your feedback!

    January 2017
    Gardening Checklist
    What to SHOP for...
    Checkbox Bulbs - Spring Planted-Summer Blooming Bulbs start arriving in nurseries at the end of January. Shop early in the season for best selection. Choose bulbs that are blemish free and heavy for their size.
    Checkbox Quick Color for Winter - Primrose, Bellis perennis, Cyclamen
    Checkbox Bareroot - Fruit trees, Blueberries, Rhubarb, Lilacs, Roses
    Checkbox Hardy Shrubs - Camellias, Daphne, Lavender, Rosemary, Forsythia
    Tasks to do...
    Checkbox Dormant Spray - Fruit Trees, Roses, Fuchsias and any dormant plant that had infestations of insects or fungus last season. Remember to spray the soil under and around your plants.
    Checkbox Prune - Roses, Hardy fruit trees, Lemon verbena. Watch The Gardening Tutor Pruning Videos on our website or our YouTube Channel. For some extra confidence building for pruning your roses, read The Mystical Rose by The Gardening Tutor.
    Checkbox Check on plants growing under the eves - The rain may not reach these plants and you'll need to water them. In general, dry plants will be damaged more by frost than hydrated plants.
    Checkbox Weed - Keeping weeds pulled now will keep them from going to seed. Plus the garden will be ready for spring planting when the weeds are under control! Watch The Gardening Tutor Weed Video on our website or on our YouTube Channel to learn more about how weeds grow and how to control them.
    Free printable...
      Looking for a way to stay organized in your garden?
    Download this Free Printable Gardening Checklist* and you’ll be amazed how inspired you’ll feel!
    Let us know how you’re doing. You can do it!
    Remember, this printable was created as a short list of tasks with minimal information. If you would like more in-depth information,
    you can always refer back to the checklist above each month for more details.

    The Gardening Tutor January 2017 Printable

    *Colors may vary depending upon your computer screen and printer.

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